Adding animated signature to posts

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Adding animated signature to posts

Post by admin » 02 Aug 2017, 11:14

How to add animated signature to your posts

First of all go to the following web address:
When the page opens up click on Create Account. All that is needed is your email address, a name for the account and a password to access it.
Now sign in with the details you just selected, go to the top left hand corner and click on Upload, from the drop down page select to browse from your computer for the image to upload, once the image has been selected, click on Open and you will now be taken back to the imgBB web page.
Your choice of image will now show on the host site, just click on the Upload button ,
The next screen is important, under the heading Embed Codes the default option is showing Viewer Links This has to be change to Direct Links from the box drop down menu.
In the box directly below you will now see a string of code, make sure to place the mouse curser anywhere within the box and to the right you will see a pop up button that has the word Copy on it, click this button, the box will go to a light yellow and back to white, this will mean the code has been copied for you. Now exit and sign out from
The next part is to sign in to the Yamaha forum, go to any part of the forum to make a reply to a post , when you have clicked on Reply Post, on the next page that opens up, there will be a line of icons, the one you want to click on is the is the 9th one from the left which is the one to insert an image.
In the main post space there now will be this: img][img, there will also be a flashing cursor directly between the two brackets, now press the CTRL key and the V key together on the computer keyboard, this will insert the code you copied from, clicking on preview will show you what the animation looks like and if satisfactory, click on submit,
Just one more thing to do before closing and that is to push F5 on the keyboard to refresh the page and the animation will play at the end of every post from now on.


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